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Here at Discount Printing 3D we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction. As a result we were among the top rated hubs in Vancouver and Canada on 3DHUBS.com. Our overall rating was 4.92/5

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In any case where you are unsure about the printability of your item, please feel free to reach out to us and will have a quick analysis with recommendations free of charge.
Plywood: Cut ✔️ Engrave ✔️ In stock ✔️ Customer supply ✔️Hardwood: Cut ✔️ Engrave ✔️ In stock✖️ Customer supply ✔️
Acrylic: Cut ✔️ Engrave ✔️ In stock✔️ Customer supply ✖️
Leather: Cut ✔️ Engrave ✔️ In stock✖️ Customer supply ✔️
Stone: Cut ✖️ Engrave ✔️ In stock✖️ Customer supply ✖️
Papers: Cut ✔️ Engrave ✔️ In stock✔️ Customer supply ✔️
Laser Cutting: Min-Resolution 200dpi, Max Size 640x420 mm, 3D Printing : Max-Resolution 0.1mm, Accuracy +- 0.05mm or 1% total volume
For 3D printing, No. For Laser Cutting, sometimes. Contact us to find out. However we do make exception for small batch production runs if you are located in the Greater Vancouver Area, We will need a sample to test before accepting customer supplied materials.

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We offer post production engraving solutions to customize your existing products and items

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