In light of recent events on 3dhubs where they have decided going forward to become a business to business model only. We have decided to Add a Peer to Peer printing service section here on our website. Anyone who was a previous 3dhub operator will automatically qualify to be listed on our Printing community page and will have access to a 3d printing quote widget to place on their hubs home page here, We charge a 3% fee for orders using our payment gateway to cover costs. If you arrange payment yourself it is absolutely free to use our service.

But out of respect to 3DHUBS and the service that they provided (We were a loyal and highly rated hub on their service for years)

We will not be enabling this feature until after Oct 1 once 3Dhubs shuts down its non-manufacturing partners hubs.

Until then, if you are a hobbyist or enthusiast or just a small business that didn’t make their manufacturing partner list. Please feel free to apply with us and have your hub listed here in our peer to peer community