1. Is Your Model Printable With FDM

Your Part will be briefly analyzed by our widget but will require further verification upon submission, where a final quote and object printabilty can be determined.

There is no cost for this free quote and printability check and our response time is generally within the hour.


2. Dimensional Accuracy

All FDM orders will be produced within an accuracy of ±0.5 mm or 1% of the total size, depending on which is greater.

For example, in the case of a 40 mm cube, a 1% accuracy requirement would result in a max of 0.4 mm deviation. As this is below 0.5 mm, the 0.5 mm is leading and determines the maximum. A printed part of 40.2 x 39.7 x 39.6 mm would be acceptable as the deviations are within this 0.5 mm. Printing a cube that is 38.8 x 39.4 x 39.4 mm would not pass the dimensional accuracy requirements as the width deviates more than 1 mm.

If you need dimensional accuracy greater than this with a certain material, Please clearly state this so we can verify if it is feasible or not and provide and alternative recommendations.


3. Weapons will not be printed regardless of the intentions

Any order with weapons or anything that can be used as a weapon will not be accepted for printing by us. There are other services around that have no problem with this, but we are not one of them


4. If you are using a peer to peer service

Your agreement is with your chosen peer and we have no responsibility or liability for the outcome of your order as this option is a 3rd party service, but would be happy to help mediate or arbitrate where we can.

5. Our In House Service Guarantee

Full guarantee when using our in house service (not peer to peer). If your are unhappy with your order we will give you a refund, just explain why you were not satisfied. Customer Service and Customer satisfaction is at the core of our beliefs. We treat every customer as a top priority !

6. Shipping fees and estimates

All shipping costs will be calculated when you provide a zip code after submitting your object for a quote

(Postal codes will only identify your approximate location for postage rates only )