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About Us

Our Story

3D Printing Services

Print any STL 3d model file using FFF technology

3D Design Services

We can scan and replicate an object to 3D print

Laser Cutting

We offer Laser cutting service for many materials * However We do not cut metal

Laser Engraving

We can laser engrave a variety of material included metals and stones

Open Source Vs Copyrighted Materials

If you wish to 3D print or laser engrave any copyrighted material such as images, photos, paintings, or models you are free to do so under the fair use and fan art policy, but under these circumstances we are not charging you for the completed end product, but rather a service to facilitate the creation of your custom item, as such you must provide the initial design when ordering. We only charge for the cost of materials and the time used on our machines. Any copyrighted premade products we do offer have been cleared and royalties paid upon purchase of said product.

That said we are always looking to share and support makers all over the world and will gladly list your product on our site and setup a royalty agreement with you. Contact us for details.