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Total Path: cm

Print Your 3D File

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Taulman Nylon 910 alloy
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15 reviews for Print Your 3D File

  1. Bio Lux inc (verified owner)

    I remember these guys from 3DHUBS, they were the best for customer service and price.
    Prints always came out on time and of great quality.
    So glad I found your services again after 3DHubs abandoned the community

  2. Paul P (verified owner)

    If you have never printed your model before or grabbed one from Thingiverse that has no reviews, rest assured. They will get it to print no matter what! I had done exactly that and chosen 2 different models that were unprintable, they explained why and even fixed the model for me. 100% recommend

  3. F1 Prototypes (verified owner)

    I have used Discount Printings service quite a few times now. For both complex prints and novelty items. Every time they delivered the parts on time or even early and always was excellent quality. I recommend them to anyone from hobbyists to expert designers

  4. Pieter B (verified owner)

    Discount Printing is the best. Went above and beyond to ensure our print was exactly as specified, even suggesting various material options, while also meeting our tight turnaround deadline. Will definitely order again from them in the future!

  5. Bryan (verified owner)

    Parts arrived exactly as required, they even included a couple of extras, which was much appreciated. Will definitely keep in mind for future prints!

  6. Julie Collins (verified owner)

    Great Service and Great Quality! I got my order (1 small piece in pla) the same day it was printed. Discount Printing was very helpful for a newbie to 3d printing and provided an overall great experience

  7. Jay R (verified owner)

    Excellent prints and great customer service.
    Slight issue with the shipping though, I was not notified when the package was dropped off on my porch

  8. Raymond L (verified owner)

    Outstanding customer service! great final result, super fast delivery.

  9. Dan C (verified owner)

    Great quality and help with technicals, fast service.

  10. Fenton F (verified owner)

    Thank you. Very happy with the product and the service provided. I would use Discount Printing service again and I recommend them!

  11. Jake (verified owner)

    Great Service

  12. Brent F (verified owner)

    Good Quality, Fast turnaround time

  13. Patrick P (verified owner)

    Discount Printing’s service blew me away. Highly recommend! They went out of their way to accommodate a last minute request. A+ service.

  14. Brent F (verified owner)

    Second Order was just as good as the first. Thanks for the good work again !

  15. Jason F (verified owner)

    Thanks, Great Job

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